IPA Day Twenty Thirteen
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IPA Day Twenty Thirteen

It’s #IPAday again already? Wow, how the year has flown. In good news, my passion for the “beer journey” has been reignited somewhat over the last two months. In the depths of winter, we have been drinking and exploring many wonderfully big, bold and dark beers. Predominately imperial stouts, of course, one of my favourite … Continue reading


Beer – Happy International IPA Day!

Hoppy International IPA Day, Australia! I am blogging this whilst at the Holgate Brewhouse in Woodend, drinking a pint of the hugely flavoursome, HOPPY but malty, Hopinator Double IPA. Mmmm delicious (…how beer should be)! For a helpful introduction to International IPA Day, check out the info and links provided by fellow local beer blogger … Continue reading