Get Smothered by Papa vs Pretty this Christmas
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Get Smothered by Papa vs Pretty this Christmas

Aussie rockers, Papa vs Pretty, are rolling out new tracks this Christmas as they prepare to drop their second full length album, White Deer Park, in February next year. Their latest release is ‘Smother’, and it’s sing-along rocking good. The upbeat track continues the band’s familiar guitar heavy and vocal rich sound, and it should play … Continue reading

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Bar & Band – SLAM Rally

S.L.A.M. is “Save Live Australia’s Music”, an independent entity made up of musicians and music-lovers who have formed to fight the excessive requirements placed on live music venues by Liquor Licensing Victoria (LLV). Ill-conceived changes to the law made by LLV have had unintended consequences for the local music scene, with many small live music … Continue reading